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Please sign in to your Account to see information about current status for your order. Additionally, you will receive an email confirming your order within 15 minutes of completing your order. You will receive another email with shipping tracking information when your order ships. In some cases, you might receive several where items are shipped separately.  If you do not receive these or would like additional information, please contact us.

At the present time, we are only able to accept online payments using credit cards online at our website. This will require that you enter your credit card number, expiry date, CVV (3-4 digit verification number on your card) and your complete name and billing address as it appears on your statements

On rare occasisions, some of our customers have some problems related to an AVS error for your credit card transaction. This is usually because the billing address provided does not match what is on file with your credit card company. If you correct your address to match the address your statements are sent to, the transaction should go through. It may be advisable to contact your credit card company to ensure that the information in their systems is correct.

We suggest that if you have that belief, please contact your bank or credit card company who will advise you that the purpose of the number is to protect your credit card transactions and this use is permitted. 
At the present time, we are not using Verified by Visa or SecureCode for Mastercard. We are evaluating those services. When these are available, you fill find that your credit card transactions will require an additional step that will take you to your credit card company to validate your credentials without providing them to our website. If you do not have those security features, you will have the opportunity to obtain them at that time.

If you would like to make larger bulk purchases (over $500) for your club or association, please send an email to  contact@boardgames4us.com  with your contact information, the size of the order you would like to purchase and some information about your club or association. We will respond with the size of discount we are prepared to offer you.

For large volumes of certain products (i.e. greater than 6 copies), be aware that additional lead time may be required to obtain additional copies from the supplier. There could also be opportunities for volume discounts for larger orders (over $500) when these are requested. We suggest that you contact us prior to placing an order for any order greater than 6 copies so that we can best accomodate your order within adversely impacting our other customers. We can usually provide some incentive or discount for doing so.

Please be refer to "OUR PRODUCT SELECTION" above to gain a better understanding for the criteria for the products we carry. If you have a product or product line that you would like us to carry, please send an email to  contact@boardgames4us.com  with: 
• a link to your website 
• your contact information (email, telephone, mailing address) 
• MSRP and wholesale pricing (or discounts available) 
• any special terms or restrictions (e.g. sales or distribution exclusivity within certain regions) 
• sales history and target demographics for the product line(s)

Note that we will not carry many products either because the product is not relevant to our target market or because the product does not have sufficient exposure to be a suitable product for internet marketing. This means that the product must already have an established market and be recognizable enough that people are actively searching on the internet for the product. We use technogy called Reverse Search that determined the number of times that the product has been searched from the standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others. If there is not either a significant search volume and/or sufficient opportunity due to strong demand and limited competing sources, we probably won't carry a product.

If you'd like some suggestions on how to help your product to gain greater recognition, we'd be delighted to provide some advice. This will generally include participating in game related trade shows and games fairs. These generally occur between the start of the year and the fall. By winter, it is usually too late. Additionally, we suggest providing samples of your games to games reviewers through magazines (note there is often a 6 month lead time) or games award assessments and evaluations. 
If you would like to send a product sample for us to evaluate, please send it to our corporate head office:

Boardgames 4 Us Inc 
143 Cougar Ridge Hts SW 
Calgary, AB T3H 4X4 

Our focus for our product selection is the best games available. We determine which these are through our research into winners of several different awards for game design. These include Games Magazine, International Games, Mensa Select, the German Spiel des Jahres, and others.
Additionally, we rely on the preferences of the game players, themselves, through the ratings of games on Board Game Geek at  www.boardgamegeek.com . Most of the games we carry are rated in the top 300 games on Board Game Geek. We have added others of special interest of our customers in the Children's, Educational, Strategy, and Family games categories where the products have great appeal but a limited supply. We look for the most cost effective sources so that we can provide the best prices we can.

Though we prefer electronic payment, we will accept payment by checks or money orders. We understand that sometimes either you do not have a means of electronic payment available to you or prefer not to use it for an online purchase. The main impact for you is that we will not fill your order until the payment has been received and processed. That would add the mailing time and bank processing time for the order to the delivery time. Keep that in mind when planning any time sensitive orders. Note that if you do not follow this process and send a check to our other addresses or do not first obtain an order number, your payment will be disposed of. In the case of a check, your check will not be cashed. In the case of a money order, you will need to contact the company who you purchased the money order from to be reimbursed. If your payment is less than the amount for the order (including shipping and taxes, where applicable), your payment will not be processed and will be disposed. 

For us to accept a non-online payment from you, what we will need you to do the following: 
1. Send us an email to customerservice@boardgames4us.com with the items you plan to order along with your shipping address and contact information (including an email address or daytime phone number). 
2. We will respond with your order number and the complete cost including shipping and taxes (where applicable). We will create an order with an Unpaid status. 
3. You will send your payment referencing the order number matching the Total on the Checkout Page (or from our contact) to our bank at: 
Boardgames 4 Us 
c/o RBC Bank USA 
101 W.B. McLean Drive 
Cape Carteret, NC 28584 
ATTN: Business Banking Services 
4. Please contact us to advise when your payment was sent and we will confirm that it has been received 1-2 weeks later. 
5. Once we have processed payment, we will process your order. 

Additionally, as your order will not start processing until payment is received, it is possible that at that time the item you have requested may be out of stock. We would fill your order as soon as we receive restock for any out of stock items. Normally, we stay ahead of product demand, but from time to time there could be a delay of 1 to 2 weeks while we await shipment of restock. Where items are out of print and are not expected to be restocked for more than 2 weeks, we will contact you to get direction on your preference for actions. Note that preorders will be filled when we receive the product. It is not unusual for the to be delays in release dates. There is also the possibility that a product might be discontinued. Please contact us before sending your payment to determine if a product has been discontinued and would not be restocked at a future date.

At the present time, we are not able to accept Pickup Orders. Most of our products are shipped using Fulfillment by Amazon which does not permit pickup. 
You will need to place your order online and have it shipped using our standard shipping methods.

At the present time, we are only able to accept Purchase Orders from established corporations and educational institutions who have previously placed orders where the order size is greater than $200. For PO's less than $200, we will charge a $10 fee to process the PO. All initial orders (first 2 to 3) must be prepaid by Credit Card, money order or check. The payment will be processed before the order ships.
We will accept the PO via: 
• Fax 866-494-7743 
• Email  customerservice@boardgames4us.com  
• Surface mail to: 
Boardgames 4 Us 
9450 SW Gemini Dr #31532 
Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

Please include contact information for your Accounts Payable department including email address, fax number, office phone number, and the contact name. 
Within 2 business days after receiving the Purchase Order, we will issue an invoice via Fax or emailed PDF for payment (depending on the contact information provided). Upon receiving payment, we will process the order on the Purchase Order. We prefer electronic payment such as credit card payment or Paypal, but will accept a bank draft, which will allow shipment on successful deposit of the check or money order.

See the PAYMENT BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER section (above) regarding bank draft payment. It is important to consider that our ability to provide the prices that we have is based on our ability to keep our operating costs down. This includes avoiding problems with payment. We reserve the right to terminate the purchase process at any time due to difficulties in processing the payment, but will endeavour to work with you to resolve any such problems. 
For quickest purchase, please complete your purchase online using an appropriate payment method and your shipment will be delivered fastest and most effectively.

After we have some history of purchases with an organization, we may be willing to ship prior to completion of the payment process, but that will be our the descretion and only upon approval of a credit check with credit references. The terms for payment that will be extended are Net 10 with late charges of 1.5% of total (18% annually) for payments that are not received by the due date.

Sales taxes may apply in certain states. Where applicable, the appropriate sales taxes will be applied to all order shipped in United States. At the present time, we are only collect sales tax for the states where we have a Nexus. You should be aware that there is interest by many state governments to have Sales or Use tax collected on mail order shipments to their states. We will comply as required, but will post any changes to this policy as circumstances develop.

We welcome suggestions for products which we should consider carrying. Where you would like us to special order a product, please let us know via email to  contact@boardgames4us.com  and we will investigate availability and price for the product prior to your initiating purchase. If you wish to proceed with the order, we will add the product to our website for you to order and we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives. Generally, we can purchase a product from an established supplier within 1 week and ship the day following its arrival at our warehouse. For suppliers which we do not currently have an account with, it should be available within 2 weeks.