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Dungeon Petz

Dungeon Petz

Dungeon Petz

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The game consists of several rounds in which players use unusual worker placement mechanisms (players simultaneously prepare different sized groups of imps in order to play sooner than others). To become the leader of imp family that has just started a new business, they will have to prepare themselves for the uneasy task of raising creature cubs and pleasing their different needs represented by cards in order to sell them as grown scary creatures to Dungeon Lords. In the meantime they also attend various contests in which they show off their pets, scoring additional points. Contents: • both sided main board • 4 player’s boards with integrated player’s mat • 4 player’s breeding places (for cages) • 18 pets • 40 wooden gold • 14 wooden tokens for vegetables • 11 wooden tokens for meat • 30 wooden tokens for excrements • 8 figures of servants (in 4 colors) • 40 figures of imps (in 4 colors) • 11 cages • 6 improvements for cages • 104 cards with pets’ needs • 5 cards of sleeping potion • 10 tokens for items • 1 progress token • 1 starting token • 8 mutation tokens • 8 buyers • 8 exhibitions • 4 point tokens • rulebook No. of players: 2-4 Ages: 13+ Playing time: 90-120 minutes

  • Dungeon Petz is suitable for 2 to 4 players
  • ages 13 and up playing time 90 minutes