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Battle Beyond Space

Battle Beyond Space

Battle Beyond Space

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Far beyond the bounds of the Solar System, a signal is launched that penetrates warp space. The signal is old the only known working piece of technology from an ancient race. Four different fleets answer the siren?s call, intent on claiming the Artifact for themselves at all costs. The destination: a lone asteroid ringed by failed ancient satellites in the middle of a lifeless asteroid field. Contents: 1 Board (with hexes for 3 - 4 players) 8 Capital Ships (2 per player) 1 Rulebook 17 Asteroid Markers 36 Movement Cards (9 for each player) 7 Sensor Probe Markers 12 Special Power Cards (3 for each player) 5 Capital Ship Damage Markers 72 Fighters (12 squadrons of 6 ships each) 2 Elite Fighter Markers 4 Shield Markers 2 Elite Fighter Damage Markers

  • For 3-4 players
  • Takes about an hour to play
  • Strategy game
  • Tons of replay value