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Wooden Sudoku

Wooden Sudoku

Wooden Sudoku

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This is the nicest wooden Sudoku board game that we have seen. The wood board is beautifully finished with pull-out drawers and comes with 2 sided playing pieces. Players can't resist this addictive strategy challenge, and now we've made it even easier for the whole family to enjoy. This game can be played individually, competitively, as well as in a group setting. Sudoku is recommended by many teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning. Every puzzle has a single, unique solution. Enjoy! Any Sudoku puzzle can be played on this board! Includes 12" x 12" Wood Board with Sliding Drawers for Wood Playing Pieces, 90 Large Pieces, 90 Thinking Pieces, Starter Puzzles, Sudoku History, & Game Directions

  • Sudoku is suitable for 1 or more players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 20 to 30 minutes