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Camphor Chess/Checkers Set

Camphor Chess/Checkers Set

Camphor Chess/Checkers Set

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This combination Chess and Checker set is a classic and one of our most popular! The quality craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of this board and its pieces is what sets it apart and above the rest. The grand walnut board has two felt-lined drawers for storing the chess and checker pieces, and it boasts some lovely decorative inlay on the face of the board along the borders. The heavy chess pieces, in the classic French Staunton design, are hand carved from Sheesham and Kari woods, and their polished luster will only improve with use. As an added bonus, wooden checker pieces are included. The smart design ensures that you can store everything within

  • Camphor Chess/Checkers Set with French Staunton includes a 15 Camphor board and Sheesham/Kari wood pieces with a 3 king" "