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Zombies!!! 8 - Jailbreak

Zombies!!! 8 - Jailbreak

Zombies!!! 8 - Jailbreak

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When the zombies come to town, jail wouldn?t be a bad place to be...right!?! While this is good in theory, it only takes one zombie to ruin your plan. The straightjacket might be a problem too! Zombies!!! 8: Jailbreak starts you out in the mental ward. It?s up to you to see if things get worse from there. Actually, things will get worse. It seems the rest of the inmates have developed a taste for YOUR brains! This expansion for the Zombies!!! board game adds: 15 new map tiles 30 new event cards Rules New, universal "Dodge" rules for use with any Zombies!!! set

  • Zombies 8 - Jailbreak expansion is not a complete game and required Zombies!!! core game to play