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Tsuro Veterans of The Seas Board Game

Tsuro Veterans of The Seas Board Game

Tsuro Veterans of The Seas Board Game

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The forces of nature can be as devastating as the wrath of the daikaiju. With this Tsuro of the Seas expansion you'll be able to add more excitement to your game with the Tsunami (Tidal Wave) and Uzushio (Whirl Pool) tiles. However this tile set also provides you with hope. Taihou (Cannons) and the Mystic Portal (Magic) may help you overcome the devastation and be victorious. You need to own the Tsuro of the Seas boxed game in order to use these tiles. Veterans of the Seas adds 4 new and exiting game options to Tsuro of the Seas.

  • Fun Fast and Exciting: Veterans of the Seas ads new game elements that are filled with action and excitement
  • The game tiles used in Veterans of the Seas utilize the same game mechanics as Tsuro of the Seas making them easy to use and blast to play
  • For 2 to 8 players
  • Playable in 40 minutes
  • Requires Tsuro of the Seas boxed game to play ;This is an expansion