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Battle Of The Pyramids

Battle Of The Pyramids

Battle Of The Pyramids

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The pyramids of Egypt are among the most enduring and mysterious symbols of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. The leaders of this ancient time-the pharaohs were clever strategists who would use all manner of tactics to ensure that their dynasties remained in power.Two powerful symbols of ancient Egypt; the pyramid and the scarab are combined to create a unique game that will challenge you to think like the pharaohs.?Battle of the Pyramids? is a strategic game for two players that combine the principles of planning, strategic thinking, memory and surprise.Not for the faint hearted Battle of the Pyramids challenges you to be the first to have your pyramids reach the other-side unscathed. Conceal the scarabs within your pyramids to impede your opponent?s assault. Plan your strategy and attempt to get your opponent to reveal their pyramids hidden secrets.Contents:Game board18 pyramid pieces (Each made of two pieces)4 ScarabsGame rules: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic

  • Battle of the Pyramids is suitable for 2 players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 20 to 40 minutes