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Stone Age Style Is The Goal

Stone Age Style Is The Goal

Stone Age Style Is The Goal

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They build their huts and hunt for food during the day. In the evening, our Stone Age inhabitants sit by the fire and share stories of their days. But one notice that something is new and whispers “Why do you have a tooth hanging there?” The answer, “It is a decoration.” “I want something like that to wear, too.” In Stone - Age style is the goal, a new item emerges, decoration. And with decorations cometraders. The players can now trade their resources for decorations. Now, there is a new workplace in the village, new cardsand new huts to expand the world of Stone Age, with room for a 5th player. Stone Age - Style is the Goal - is the long anticipated expansion for Stone Age.

  • Stone Age Style Is The Goal is not a complete game and requiers Stone Age to play