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Star Trek Catan Federation Space Map Set

Star Trek Catan Federation Space Map Set

Star Trek Catan Federation Space Map Set

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During its original mission the Enterprise Captain Kirk and his intrepid crew visited many strange new worlds and discovered many new life-forms and civilizations. Now you and your friends can Boldly Go and explore this galaxy too. Follow in Kirk's "footsteps" with this 2 map expansion set. Based entirely on the "Known Galaxy" map seen in Kirk's ready-room itself these maps allow you to settle the famous worlds of Federation Space using pieces from your Star Trek Catan base game.  IN THIS EXPANSION YOU GET: 2 full color maps depicting the Known Galaxy known as Federation Space.  4 individual scoring tracks-1 for each player.  4 sets of scoring markers-2 for each player. 18 Victory Point tokens-New ways to score.  1 Almanac with 1 page of rules and 20 pages of planet and episode descriptions.

  • This is an expansion to Star Trek Catan
  • Adds depth and complexity
  • Follow in Captain James T. Kirk's "footsteps" across the galaxy