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Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition

Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition

Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition

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Safety Brainiac is an Award Winning Board Game that creates wonderful opportunities to enjoy a fun, family activity while helping children learn how to stay safe. The game’s 360 questions cover everyday dangers, including: Strangers, Bullies, Internet threats, Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety, Fires, Poisons, Weather Hazards and much more. Playing Safety Brainiac is one of the easiest ways for children to learn safety and live safer lives. While playing you get to build a cool puzzle, and for showing great safety smarts you can earn rewards that are built into the game. It is a win win for both parent and child!! Play for Fun and Learning Today….and A Lifetime of Tomorrows!

  • Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition is suitable for 1 to 8 players
  • ages 5 to 12
  • playing time 20 to 30 minutes.