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Revolver: Hunt the Man Down (Expansion 1.2)

Revolver: Hunt the Man Down (Expansion 1.2)

Revolver: Hunt the Man Down (Expansion 1.2)

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A vicious hardened convict is imprisoned within the walls of a brutal Texan prison. Locked inside his mind is the key to Colonel Ned McReady's downfall and Jack Colty is the only cowpoke alive who can spring him out. Trouble is Jack's already being pursued by the vengeful Colonel about another matter…This is the second in a series of expansions to the hit game Revolver a unique card game set in the Wild West. It introduces two new icons to the game a new winning condition for the McReady player and a new location “The Prison” from which the Colty player may decide to free his ally. The method for resolving the jailbreak is unique compared to the other battlefields and does not lengthen the game. Also included are new cards for both players enabling “deck-building” opportunities.

  • 2 player game with a 45 minute playtime
  • An inexpensive expansion to a great thematic game support will continue for Revolver with additional expansions over the next years
  • Contains two modules that can be combined with the basic game separately or together
  • A new battlefield the Prison with new rules where Colty might free an extra bandit
  • Adds a ?deck-building? element for you to customize your deck to your own play style creating endless possibilities