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Mini Fits

Mini Fits

Mini Fits

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Travel or mini FiTs is a smaller version of FiTs. The differences are ?There are only 52 cardboard vs 64 plastic game tiles ?There are only 13 vs 16 building cards ?There are only 4 vs 8 game boards printed on both sides ?The 2nd board allows players to score bonus points if three of the same symbols are exposed. ?The height of the board is 10 vs 12 rows. ?There are no ramps or plastic covers just a place to mount the game boards. ?The box is so much smaller. Other than those differences the game-play is the same as FiTs. Each player has a board on which they place different polyominoes, with three, four, or five squares. Cards are drawn from a pile to tell the players which piece to take. But as every player has a different start tile to place first, the players will need different tactics to maximise their points. The pieces may be rotated and reversed before they slide down the board. Scoring is based on quantity and configuration of squares left uncovered.

  • Mini Fits is suitable for 1 to 4 players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 15 minutes