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Chicago Express Exp

Chicago Express Exp

Chicago Express Exp

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Both expansions for Chicago Express combined in one box.Narrow Gauge ExpansionSmall independent narrow gauge railroads form near the standard gauge railroads. They block building in the mountain and forest hexes where they form and operate their business. This expansion uses the orange locomotives and repository.Erie ExpansionAnother railroad company is getting involved in the competition. What effect will the new company have on the market? The skills of the investors are what it's all about now! This expansion uses the remaining materials.

  • 2 expansions in 1 box
  • Age range: 12 and up / Number of players: 2 to 6 / Play time: 60
  • Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
  • 9 orange locomotives 1 repository 13 brown locomotives 1 income disk 1 +50 game token 1 share 1 charter 2 city hexes 1 graphical indicator