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Killer Bunnies Khaki Booster

Killer Bunnies Khaki Booster

Killer Bunnies Khaki Booster

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Have we increased the ranks of our military bunnies? Sir yes sir! The Officer Rank cards have arrived starting with Ensign and rising all the way to Captain! The Wacky Khaki Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set a Highest Officer Rank card and 18 colored Chips. Other fantastic cards include: Army Of The 12 Bunnies which will hunt you down any hour of the day Locked In which forces players to use their Top and Bottom Run cards and The Lonely Ranger who roams free! Can you avoid a crippling blow from Mad Bunny Disease or psych-out your opponents with Truth or Hare! Why not seize the danish with Carpe Scriblita or move a weapon targeting your bunny to an opponent's bunny with the help of the Sky Waitress? Grab one yourself or send a lacky but don't miss the next Booster Deck named Wacky Khaki!

  • Social interaction play
  • Expandable but non-collectible
  • Humorous and non-violent Images
  • High quality card stock
  • Recommended age range from 12 years and above