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Munchkin 7: More Good Cards

Munchkin 7: More Good Cards

Munchkin 7: More Good Cards

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They Asked for It! A munchkin can never have enough good cards . . . so we present . . . More Good Cards! In this small but mighty expansion, you�ll find the cards that the biggest Munchkins of all - yes, your customers - asked for in our online survey. Namely:� More Wandering Monsters! The best from Munchkin Blender, with new art, along with the brand new ". . . And Its Little Friends."� More Monster Enhancers! New ways to beef up the critters your opponent is facing. � More Cheats! More copies of the classic Cheat! Plus the TRULY abusive Cheat With Both Hands and Cheat Like There�s No Tomorrow!� More Curses! Don�t Call Me Shirley from Blender, and two all-new cards, diabolic and hilarious! � More Wishing Rings! Actually, just one. We wouldn�t want to spoil too many of those Curses, would we? Plus potions, items, and item enhancers! Shuffle them all in, or just add your favorites.Munchkin 7 - More Good Cards is an expansion for the classic Munchkin set. Description: 56 cards and a rulesheet, in a tuckbox.

  • Munchkin 7: More Good Cards is not a complete game and required Munchkin to play. Munchkin is suitable for 3 to 8 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 20 to 30 minutes