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A Mixed Bag 500 Piece Puzzle

A Mixed Bag 500 Piece Puzzle

A Mixed Bag 500 Piece Puzzle

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The 500 piece A Mixed Bag-Braldt Bralds was born in the Netherlands in 1951. As a child he learned of the profession of illustration and his course was set. His father brought home scraps of paper from a paper mill and Braldt drew continuously. When he was twelve he began attending the Grafische School in Rotterdam where he was instructed in graphic arts and the printing trade. Aside from this training Braldt is self-taught. A Chorus Line is one of Braldt’s original feline “tongue in cheek” compositions. His Puzzle marks the revival of the cherished Pastime Puzzle brand featuring the the return of unique puzzle piece shapes (whimsies/figurals). No two puzzle pieces are the same and include interlocking border pieces. The pieces feature a clean snap and fit found only among the highest quality jigsaw puzzles.

  • Charming "Whimsey" pieces enhance every puzzle
  • Unique shapes distinguish every piece
  • Pieces feature clean snap and fit
  • No two puzzle pieces are the same
  • Puzzle art spotlights America's best puzzle artists