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Steam Barons

Steam Barons

Steam Barons

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Steam Barons is the first release using the Real Steam Brand TM mark and expands Steam TM in many ways Most importantly there is a whole new way to play Steam, instead of players only running a single company they now compete for ownership of the various companies with the primary shareholder in each company deciding the actions of that company each turn. As the game progresses the fortunes of the various companies will fluctuate, it is up to you to decide when to invest and when to cash in your shares. There are two new maps designed with six player games in mind and additional track tiles to ensure that the supply is unlikely to run out. The two maps are of the North of England and the majority of the USA East of the Rocky Mountains. This game also contains wooden train markers that can be used to mark track ownership instead of the disks in the Base and Standard Steam game. Steam Barons is not a complete game it requires ownership of Steam in order to play Steam Barons contains: . 1 double-sided game board . 6 Company displays . 38 Railway track tiles . 32 money tokens . 1 first player marker . 16 black goods cubes . 144 wooden train track ownership markers . 1 Stock-market game card . 1 full-color rules

  • Steam Barons is not a complete game and requires Steam to play.