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Catan Card Game Expansion

Catan Card Game Expansion

Catan Card Game Expansion

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Six complete expansions for the award-winning 2-player card game of discovery, settlement, conflict, and trade!Share a theme with your clever opponent or design your own expansion deck!Now you can expand your principality in new directions! Each of the 6expansion sets feature a different theme to enhance the flavor of your Catan Card Game™ experience. 205 New Cards! Expansions set includes: Knights & Merchants: Conflict and trade wars threaten! Will it be victory by spice or sword?Science & Progress: Technology and invention are the keys to the future! Will you embrace machines or build a university?Wizards & Dragons: Magic bursts into Catan! Mighty wizards with potent spells can change the face of the land itself!Barbarians & Traders: Exotic goods spawn dreams of warehouses, which some would rather pillage than purchase!Politics & Intrigue: Your secret plans bear fruit! Can you seize control through treachery, coin, dogma, or diplomacy?Trade & Change: Commerce and exchange are powerful tools! Why hire knights when your workshops provide all the resources you desire?

  • Catan Card Game Expansion is suitable for 2 players
  • ages 10 and up
  • playing time 60 to 120 minutes. This game is in the following categories: Family