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ColourKu Solid Wood Game

ColourKu Solid Wood Game

ColourKu Solid Wood Game

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A wonderfully made wood board game to test your skill, logic, and deductive reasoning. The large board is 13.5 in x 13.5 in and has 81 wood marbles in 9 colours. There are 104 puzzle cards included covering five levels of difficulty. Included are solutions sheets, a card holder, a color conversion card so that any Sudoku puzzle from any source can be solved using ColorKu, and a high impact bubble top/playing tray. Expansion packs for more challenges are available. Beautiful workmanship makes this suitable as a coffee table game or for the Cottage. ColorKu can be played individually or in teams. The game cards have increasing levels of difficulty.

  • ColourKu is suitable for 1 or more players
  • ages 6 and up
  • playing time 10 to 30 minutes