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Khet: Tower of Kadesh expansion

Khet: Tower of Kadesh expansion

Khet: Tower of Kadesh expansion

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You've experienced the fun of playing Khet: The laser Game. Now take the strategy to a whole new level with Khet 3D: Tower of Kadesh. The tower contains four mirrored portals that transport the laser beam up to the second level crating a true, three dimensional playing field. The Simple rules of Khet remain unchanged with pieces still only rotating one quarter turn or moving one square in any direction. However; how pieces can also move on square up or down when positioned on or underneath the Tower of Kadesh. The tower itself adds an additional exciting twist since it can also be moved one square or one rotation on a player's turn for more mind bending strategy. NOTE: This version of the Horus Beamsplitter is not compatible with the upcoming Khet 2.0. A new version will be released in the future. This version is compatible with Khet and Deflexion

  • Khet: Tower of Kadesh expansion is suitable for 2 players
  • ages 6 and up
  • playing time 20 minutes. This is not a complete game and requires Khet the Laser Game to play. This game is in the following categories: Strategy