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Jumble 3 Games in 1

Jumble 3 Games in 1

Jumble 3 Games in 1

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America’s favorite word game is now three times the fun as you un-scramble, spin and race against the clock it’s 3 games in 1! In Word Spin-Off spin the wheel to decide the difficulty level and take a shot at solving the corresponding Jumble puzzle. Un-jumble the puzzle and beat the clock to score. In Word Race you’re racing against your family and friends to un-jumble 5 puzzles and get back home before another player takes your tokens. Word Scramble challenges each player to collect letters, un-jumble, and spell a word all before the timer runs out. Jumble 3 Games in 1 means three times the fun; so choose a game and unleash your inner brainiac!

  • Jumble 3 Games in 1 is suitable for 2 or more players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 30 minutes