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Basic Mahjong

Basic Mahjong

Basic Mahjong

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Mah Jong is an ancient game of strategy. American versions include 166 tiles. This version includes tiles, 4 color racks, 2 dice, playing chips and instructions. A challenging game for beginners and advanced players. This game is suitable for travel. Looking for a new game to challenge your brain and capture your heart? Mah-Jong, the ancient Chinese game of four winds, may be just the ticket. The goal, which is similar in principle to rummy, is to accumulate sets. It's a challenging game for four players with the desire to connect to an ancient culture. Our compact, American version includes dice, chips, 166 plastic tiles (Tiles are 1.25"x.75"x.25"), four racks, and instructions for four beginners or advanced players.

  • Basic Mahjong is suitable for 4 players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 20 or more minutes