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Spin Swing Golf

Spin Swing Golf

Spin Swing Golf

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Spin Swing Golf is an 18 hole book form golf board game that has been created for family entertainment of all ages. All of the holes have been designed to resemble most golf courses in the world. The distance markers have been placed at distances that related to realistic golf shots, and distances marked on teh spinners shots have been strategically spaced to do the same. There are slots on each spinner to indicate out of bounds, in the trees, in the water, or in the hold. The spinner slots on the putter indicate one, two, three, or four putts. You will actually feel like you are playing outdoor golf once you begin. The spin swing effect will make every club in the golf bag seem like you are using a real golf club and the anxiety for the outcome of the shot is unbelievable. Although the erasable score cdard has space for 8 plaers, you may add as many players as you wish. Allow approximately fifteen minutes per plaer for 18 holes. With Spin Swing Golf, you will be able to play thorugh any outdoor weather conditions. No more rain checks.

  • Spin Swing Golf is suitable for 1 or more playes
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 30 to 90 minutes