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Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

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Santiago de Cuba is an exciting game that perfectly blends two classic Euro-Game mechanics worker placement and pick-up and delivery (think Railways ofthe World meets Age of Empires). Designed by Michael Rieneck (Cuba Around the World in 80 Days Asterix and Obelix) Santiago de Cuba is a stand-alone game that is sure to delight casual and hardcore gamers alike!Welcome to Santiago -- Cuba's second largest city. The chaotic streets hum with the sounds of bustling crowds and busy commerce. Cargo ships constantly arrive and depart from the port. Demand is continuous if unpredictable for a supply of local products such as exotic fruits sugar rum tobacco and cigars. Yourbusiness card says "broker" but in reality you're a shady wheeler-dealer who arranges deals with the localsand with corruptible officials to move goods and meet the demand of those ever-present cargo ships. Yourability to procure these goods is only as reliable as your "connections". If you are the best at seizing the everchangingopportunities that arise and if you invest your limited money more wisely than your fellow brokers you'll win. Supply and demand for goods is constantlychanging as are the locals and their locations. Each time you play you will face new tactical challenges in the vibrant Caribbean world that is Santiago de Cuba.Game Components: 1 Game board 12 Building tiles & 9 Cuban tiles 48 Goods markers 60 Victory point markers 36 Coins 4 Playing pieces 12 Property markers 5 Specialty dice 4 Screens 1 RulebookGame designed by Michael RieneckPublished by Gryphon GamesMade in Germany

  • Suitable for 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up playing time 40 to 60 minutes