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Tannhauser: Operation Novgorod

Tannhauser: Operation Novgorod

Tannhauser: Operation Novgorod

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Deep in their secret Siberian bases, the Russian Scientific Security Committee has assembled a weapon defying all known physical laws, Project Code Name: S.V.A.R.O.G. During the project�s final testing phase, the laboratory super-generator suddenly exploded. Was it an overload? A commando attack? The awakening of ancient Slavic deities?You can be a part of this exciting adventure in the upcoming Tannh�user supplement Operation Novgorod.Incarnate the role of Zor�Ka... Discover the Religious Commissar Irena Kravchenko... Stalk the ruins of an Ultra Top Secret Russian research center... Master the talents of Major Volkov, a Hero decorated by the people with the prestigious Gold Star...Collect new Equipment, Packs, and Objectives for the Union and the Reich. Challenge your opponents with new Game Modes and surprising rule variants. Get your fill of action, heroics, strategy, and suspense.Find all this and more in Operation Novgorod!

  • Tannhauser: Operation Novgorod is suitable for 2 to 10 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 60 to 120 minutes. This is not a complete game and required Tannhauser to play. This game is in the following categories: Horror