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Rockband Manager

Rockband Manager

Rockband Manager

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Bring together an epic band and rock to the top in rockband manager. in this card game for three to six players, take the role of band manager, assemble a group, and guide them to stardom. Use your talented stars to record killer albums, book sweet gigs, perform sold-out shows, and gain decibels to win the game. Bid for new gear and opportunities to improve your group’s sound. Throw a cheap shot at your rivals by engaging in some hijinks. There are multiple roads to glory in this game, so you must develop a plan to rise above the competition. Are you ready to rock? In the card game Rockband Manager 3-6 players attempt to guide their bands to rock stardom. the manager who hires the best musicians books the biggest gigs and cuts the highest selling album wins the game. Since there are multiple paths to glory in this game players have to develop their own strategies for success. Collect new gear for your band to help establish them as rock powerhouses. Throw a cheap shot at your rival managers in an effort to get ahead. Establish connections to industry insiders to ensure your band's success. In this fast-paced game anything goes and only one band can become rock legends.

  • Rockband Manager is tuiable for 3 to 6 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 30 minutes