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Dragon Chess Game

Dragon Chess Game

Dragon Chess Game

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Dragon Chess is a thrilling new game that will challenge your chess strategy, mind power and skills ? whether you?re a novice or a master of the age-old game. Traditional Chess rules remain the same, but a new and powerful player (the Dragon) and an expanded 28? x 18? board of 124 squares change the classic game completely ? forcing advanced players to rethink conventional moves, leveling the playing field and making the game more fun for everyone. A Dragon piece sits on the far side of each Castle in the extreme corners of the board guarded by an additional Pawn. Dragons have their own designated moves that make them second in power only to the Queen. Players can still enjoy traditional Chess on the specially designed 2-in-1 board. But after experiencing the fun and challenge of Dragon Chess, you won?t look back. If Chess is the game of kings, Dragon Chess is the game of wizards. King is 3.5"

  • Dragon Chess is suitable for 2 players
  • ages 8 and up
  • playing time 20 to 30 minutes