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Dominare Alderac Entertainment Group Board Games

Dominare Alderac Entertainment Group Board Games

Dominare Alderac Entertainment Group Board Games

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From the busy rugged quays of the Merchant Quarter to the ornate magnificence of the Great Basilica from the imperious chambers of the Senate to the stinking crowded alleys of the Swamp secret cabals move unseen in the City-State of Tempest. These clandestine societies bound by blood oaths and driven by power conspire to seize control of Tempest. They wage a secret war with words gold and a knife in a darkened alley. When it is won few will be wiser as to who really pulls the strings in this great city. Dominare is a game of the hidden war for total control of Tempest. The weapons of this war are people and Dominare provides dozens of "weapons" for you to wield. Use your agents to build a conspiracy and watch it grow in power as you add to it. Agents spread influence through eight city districts each with unique advantages and use your agents' abilities to wrest control of key parts of the city from the opposition for in the end control is all that matters.

  • En epic game covering the entire City-State
  • Scores of individual characters with unique powers
  • Players build a conspiracy balancing influence vs. exposure
  • Designed by gaming industry veteran jim pinto
  • For 2 to 6 player game