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Defenders Of The Realm: The Dragon Expansion

Defenders Of The Realm: The Dragon Expansion

Defenders Of The Realm: The Dragon Expansion

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The King?s eyebrows lifted--revealing his disbelief. ?More Dragons?? He mouthed the words in an alarmed whisper. The messenger nervously nodded. Dragons had not been in the Realm for centuries. Not since the days when the High Wizard Amarak advised the Royal Court. But now not only had the Blue Dragon attacked the settlements on the frontier of the Blizzard Mountain Range with an army of her dragonkin but other new Dragons had been sighted clearly in the service of the Dark Lord?s army. Hemlock perhaps the most evil of all of the Dragon Generals was en route from the East. Brimstone was already setting fire and laying waste to settlements near the Realm. And Onyx the most feared dragon of all was fast approaching from the North. The King contemplated the bravery and skill of his Heroes. Would it be enough?? The Defenders of the Realm: Dragon Expansion allows players to increase or decrease the difficulty level of gameplay using variants and scenarios. 3 new Dragons 3 Agents of the Dark Lord and 4 new minions enter the Realm!

  • Defenders Of The Realm: The Dragon Expansion is not a complete game and requires Defenders Of The Realm core game to play