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DC Comics Deck Building Game

DC Comics Deck Building Game

DC Comics Deck Building Game

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The DC Comics Deck-building Game featuring the Cerberus game engine is your chance to take on the role of one of the greatest heroes of the DC Comics universe. Play as Superman Batman Wonder Woman or many others. As the game progresses your small starting deck gets bigger and better. But look out.When a Super Villain makes his First Appearance he attacks each player in the game. Defend yourself with Super-Speed or the Batsuit or become Bulletproof. Soon you’ll be ready to take on Super Villains such as Darkseid The Joker Parallax and many more. The game features a wide range of heroes villains super powers locations and equipment of various power levels from a young sidekick like Kid Flash to a master sorcerer like Dr. Fate. Uncover hidden paths to victory and race your opponents to see who can build the world’s greatest deck one card at a time.

  • Requires 2 to 5 players
  • 30 - 45 minutes playtime
  • Fully compatible with all other Cerberus game engine releases
  • Battle DC's most notorious villains while taking on the role of your favorite DC Hero