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Black Stain Staunton 15" Chess/Checkers Set (Oversized)

Black Stain Staunton 15

Black Stain Staunton 15" Chess/Checkers Set (Oversized)

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This combination game set is one of our favorites! The black-stained board with intricate inlay border is gorgeous. The board features a drawer for storing the handpolished and weighted Staunton black stained and Kari wood chessmen and wood checkers. An elegant gift! Beautiful Chess and Checkers set with 3 inch king 15" Board with 1 9/16" Square Pullout Storage Drawer Includes 32 French Staunton Chessmen and 24 Checker Pieces

  • Black Stain Chess/Checkers Set with French Staunton includes a 15" board and Sheesham/Kari wood pieces with a 3" king