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Big Board Raiders

Big Board Raiders

Big Board Raiders

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The “Big Board” is like a nickname for Wall Street, while “Raiders” are the teams of entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, brokers and investment bankers who engaged in hostile takeovers of the companies they pursue. In Big Board Raiders, players can gang-up by pooling their capital to promote a cause or stop another player, but alliances don’t last forever and when they end, backstabbing is an inevitable strategy. Communincation and deal making are very important enhancements to a player’s game strategy. A few choice words can help your portfolio or have the opposite effect on your opponent’s. It’s all about opportunities, timing and the hustle.There are two main objectives players engage in while playing Big Board Raiders; the first is to get elected by proxy as a director of a company and the second is to grow your portfolio using the many investment vehicles, so that you will have the capital to make your move to control your company; the company in which you were elected to the board by proxy. There are four trading companies: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. Six Subsidiaries, and each of these subsidiaries has a proxy vote that it gives to the players as they land on their subuidiary space on the game board. To win, grow your capital while collection the proxy votes to be elected as a director, then buy enough shares to take over control of that company.

  • Big Board Raiders is suitable for 2 to 6 players
  • ages 12 and up
  • playing time 90 to 120 minutes.