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Gentlemen Thieves Board Game

Gentlemen Thieves Board Game

Gentlemen Thieves Board Game

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Gentlemen Thieves is a humorous storytelling game about thieves traps and wild inventions. You are breaking into buildings around town and must defeat crazy traps to reach the loot. Create a clever plan or invent an amazing device and tell everyone how it works. You can try anything you can imagine. Devise a plan using your Gear cards to defeat the trap in the Room. Channel your inner MacGyver. The best plans are the most inventive. Facing a pair of Locked Doors and don't have anything to pry them open? Use the gunpowder from the Flintlock Pistol to blow open the hinges. You are limited only by your own imagination and creativity. Your plan will be picked apart by the other players who will do their best to find any weaknesses that you haven't considered. Convince them your plan will work and you will reach the loot. But if the other players thought of something you overlooked you will fail and watch helplessly as the loot is stolen from under your nose.

  • For ages 14 and up
  • For 2-5 players
  • 60 minutes of playtime