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We deliver great games at great prices™ to your home where-ever you are in the United States (within the limits of the US Postal Service, Fedex and UPS). Our orders are processed using Amazon for Fulfillment. Most items ship from Amazon Warehouses in Hazleton, PA or Hebron, KY, but some items may ship from other locations in the US. We personally select our games and puzzles based on our own interests and recommendations we get from customers just like you. We don't try to carry every game, because some games are priced much too low by Walmart and other big box stores that we can not compete with their prices and stay in business. So, we try to carry games and puzzles that you won't at Walmart. We price fairly, but do need to ensure that the pricing is profitable. Otherwise, we would not last as long as we have. We have found that most customers are reasonable and do expect our business to be reasonable. We hope you find something you like, but if you would like to see something we don't have, please contact us and we will check into it.
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